The Jonesville Greenway

The pioneers of the Jonesville Greenway are closer to having their dream become a reality. The Town of Jonesville has acquired access to all of the property of the greenway from Bluff Street in Jonesville to approximately one mile east of I-77. The greenway is comprised of four zones, and the two zones have been cleared.

Zone 1 and 2 of the greenway became pedestrian ready earlier in 2013. This initial zone spans a little more than two miles, beginning at the head trail maker on Bluff Street and ending near I-77.

The long-term project planned for the greenway is a 32-mile trail, starting in Jonesville and ending in Rockford. This trail will include connections to both the Yadkin River Canoe Trail, the Overmountain Victory Trail, and the Mountains to Sea Trail.

With the land acquired for the trail, and Zone 1 and 2 completely cleared, the ideas about what will be placed on the land, in addition to the nature trail, are starting to take life.

The open area of the land at the beginning of the trail will be named Greg Martin Memorial Park, in honor of Jonesville Police Department's officer who was shot and killed while on duty in 1996.

The Town was awarded a grant through the NC Division of Water Resources for $41,750 and a Federal Recreational Trails Program grant for $75,000. These funds were enough to build bridges over Sandyberry Creek and Fall Creek.

The Town of Jonesville looks forward to the continuation of the greenway project.


Lila Swaim Park

The Town of Jonesville's primary park facility is Lila Swaim Park.

Recreational activities include tennis, baseball, softball, walking, basketball, social gatherings, soccer, playground and picnic area.


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