Town Manager - Michael Pardue

The Town Manager shall be appointed solely on the basis of his or her executive and administrative qualifications. The Town Manager need not be a resident of the town or state at the time of the appointment. The office of Town Manager may be held concurrently with other appointed (but not elective) offices pursuant to Article VI, Section 9, of the state constitution. The Town Manager shall be the chief administrator of the town.

The Town manager shall be responsible to the Board of Commisioners for administering all municipal affairs in his or her charge by them and shall appoint and suspend or remove all town officers and employees not elected by the people, and whose appointment or removal is not otherwise provided for by law, except the Town Attorney, in accordance with such general personnel rules, regulations, policies, or ordinances as the Board of Commisioners may adopt. The Town manager will direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies of the town, subject to general direction and control of the Board of Commisioners except as otherwise provided by law.

The Town Manager will attend all meetings of the Board of Commissioners and recommend any measures that he or she deems expediant, see that all laws of the Commissioners are faithfully excuted within the town, prepare and submit the annual budget and capital program to the Board of Commissioners, submit annually to the Board of Commissioners and make available to the public a complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the town as of the end of the fiscal year, make any other reports that the Board of Commissioners may require concerning the operations of the town departments, offices, and agencies subject to his direction and control, and perform any other duties that may be required or authorized by the Board of Commisioners.



Town Clerk/Financial Officer - Wendy Thompson

The Town Clerk works with the Town Council to establish long and short range goals and to assure effectiveness and efficiency of services provided; communicates organizational mission, vision and goals and helps enhance these goals and implement programs consistent with them. Works with the Town Manager, Mayor and Board to develop consensus on a clear vision of the future of the community and the organization; coordinates and works with the Town Manager, Mayor and Board on planning and policy development to put this vision into effect; develops agendas for Board meetings; and assures resources and supporting documentation for actions are present. The ability to effectively plan, supervise and coordinate the activities, personnel, and functions of a municipal operation. You must have the ability to deal courteously yet firmly with the public.

The financial officer position reports to the Town Manager and is responsible for administration of the departments of finance and customer service. Duties include supervising the purchasing, accounting, collections, billing and payroll. Position requires knowledge in accounting principles and laws for governing municipalities.


Utilities/Payroll Clerk - Email Tammie Shore

The Utilities clerk reviews utilites readings from written records or hand held meter reading computers, generates billing information, performs edits, and mails bills to customers. Enters meter readings and meter numbers into accounts as they change; enters customers deposits into system; calculates interest on deposits to refund and/or apply to final bill for customers closing their accounts. Prints edit list and reviews after initial meter readings are entered; identifies potential mis-reads and other potential problems; determines which meters require re-reading. Prints and prepares bills for mailing. She will coordinate with the utility personnel the meter reading functions and the cutting on and off of services to customers. Answers complaints from citizens, researches problems, and answers their questions; adjusts bills for leaks, incorrect meter readings, etc. Establishes new customer accounts; insures proper initial readings are entered; establishes, updates, and deletes accounts for multiple temporary development needs.

Maintains payroll information by collecting, calculating, and entering data. Updates payroll records by entering changes in exemptions, insurance coverage, savings deductions, and job title and department/division transfers. Prepares reports by compiling summaries of earnings, taxes, deductions, leave, disability, and nontaxable wages. .Resolves payroll discrepancies by collecting and analyzing information. Provides payroll information by answering questions and requests. Maintains payroll operations by following policies and procedures; reporting needed changes. Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.


Tax Collector - Email Barbara Jones

The Tax Collector position involves billing, collection of property taxes and privilege licenses. Responsibilities include working with citizens, attorneys, mortgage companies etc. Duties include monitoring, controlling tax and business license collection activities which will require planning programs. Must supervise garnishments and levies for delinquent personal property taxes; foreclosures of real property to pay delinquent taxes. You must have the ability to deal courteously yet firmly with the public.


Adminstrative Assistant / Accounts Payable Clerk - Email Brenda Williams

The administrative assistants are required to perform administrative duties and other related functions in the office for the managers. The administrative assistant tends to spend more time on long-range assignments. They have to do more detailed, day-to-day tasks and are more closely supervised by their managers. The assistants take responsibility for all routine administrative chores. Administrative assistants must be highly organized and able to work independently. They need to have strong secretarial skills and computer skills to deal with word processing projects. Good writing and analytical skills are a requirement. Administrative assistants must greet customers and visitors and work easily with other people.

Accounts payable clerks compile and maintain accounting records for all payable systems. This includes working with vendors and service providers to reconcile purchase orders, and paying invoices by writing checks or using electronic payment methods. Transactions are typically approved by a supervisor before payment. Other responsibilities include compiling reports on a regular, scheduled basis to reconcile cash transactions related to organizational expenditures, which is used for financial management and tax reporting purposes.


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